PURE NOURISHMENT Ultra Hydrating Serum


Just what it says.  When skin is exfoliated with peels, Retin A, acids; at whatever level, it needs to be replenished.  PURE NURISHMENT has everything needed to nurish pre and post proceedure. Peel, laser, hair removal, microderm, sunburn, perfect skin, all of it.  Great for all skin, that's why I love it!

  • Guidelines For Use

    Two or three drops on cleansed skin.  Spreads like silk.  Put morning and nighttime products on top.    Mix a few drops into other serums.  There is no going wrong with the application of PURE NURISHMENT.  


Welcome to Nancy's Rx!  Looking your best brings empowerment and confidence in what ever you do in life. That's what makes me passionate about promoting healthy skin.   ​

Nancy's Rx focuses on correcting skin discolorations, softening lines and wrinkles, and clearing acne YES...we can take 10 years off!  We'll teach you how by using a blend of professional treatments and guiding you through the what, when, and how of home care. Having worked in health, wellness, and skin for a couple decades has provided me with the skills and tools to do it. 


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