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Result Based Skincare Something for Everyone


Elite Resurfacing Treatment

This new in-clinic technique is an exceptional 5 step process that leaves you smooth, brighten, resurfaced, and glowing with hydration. Deep Cleanse, Nano-needling, Peel, LED, then I do the peeling. Hydrating plumping sheet mask to finish.  $200

Anti-Aging Peel  for $150      


Fine lines, sun splotches, touch of melasma, under eye crepiness, GOOD BYE!  A 7 day process.  After 3 to 5 days of manageable peeling, emerge triumphant with brighter, tighter, new fresh skin.  Great for all skin types, acne too!

Fine Print
Retin A's need to be stopped 3-5 days prior to peel
•  If prone to cold sores, Valtrex is recommended
•  Click the schedule button to make an 

Book Vitalize Peel

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The Coolifting gun sprays the tissues using a powerful CO2 flow at a low temperature and a high pressure

combined with a high concentration of anti-aging and skin-lifting ingredients for

beautiful results without surgery.

A revolutionary registered system that performs treatment through a safe, fast and efficient method.

ADD-ON to any treatment for $75

No need to schedule just let Nancy know at your appointment time!

Special Event Skin

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Weather your goal is to reduce scarring, fill in fine lines, smooth texture, or enhance your over all radiance, this treatment is pretty much great for everyone!  







Renu Pen Microneedling creates micro-channels in the dermis. Fibroblasts are triggered, these in turn

rebuild and remodel collagen. Tiny microneedles break through scar tissue to diminish scarring and fine lines.  

Collagen growth provides volume for lift, fine line reduction, and an over all healthier dermis and glow.


This treatment has little to no downtime.  You are numbed first for comfort.  

Must Discontinue Retin A 5 to 7 days before treatment. 

Only the BEST peptides, growth factor, and stem cell products are used.



  • Successfully treats Acne Scarring 

  • Softens wrinkles around the eyes

  • Rejuvenates the skin

  • Encourages production of collagen

  • Smooths texture

  • Helps with hyperpigmentation

  • Helps restore volume

  • Reduces vertical lines around lips



Great Results with MICRONEEDLING

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 Oxygen Infusion!

Nutrient rich serums mixed with 98% pure O2 are atomized on to skin. These particles are then infused in to the skin with a microscopic oxygen bubble.

Includes Extractions, Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning.

The end result is hydrated, oxygen rich, plumped skin.

Special Event Skin







   •  camera ready 
•  event ready 
•  date ready
 20 minutes $70
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Combat Acne!  

A Nancy's Rx Specialty

  Complimentary Consultation LETS TALK!

  Better skin in 2 weeks GREAT skin in 8!


  Nancy's 8 week protocol has proven success.    Don't suffer anymore.

  Facial Treatment $120

  Home Care Starting at  $42

Skin Classic Facial Treatment

Treatment of Skin Irregularities 


Hate those annoying skin tags, cherry angiomas that appear on the face, under arms and neck?



 Facial Treatment includes microdermabrasion. 

ZAP those imperfections away!

50 minutes $200


                                                                Stop Retin A's + prescriptive topicals 5 days before

There may be crusting on treatment spots

for 2 weeks.  


cherry a.jpeg

Welcome to Nancy's Rx!  Looking your best brings empowerment and confidence in what ever you do in life. That's what makes me passionate about promoting healthy skin.   ​

Nancy's Rx focuses on correcting skin discolorations, softening lines and wrinkles, and clearing acne YES...we can take 10 years off!  We'll teach you how by using a blend of professional treatments and guiding you through the what, when, and how of home care. Having worked in health, wellness, and skin for a couple decades has provided me with the skills and tools to do it. 


Nancy L. Lazzara, LMS

Licensed Medical Esthetician

Nancy's Rx Midtown Skincare

Brookwood Place Shopping Center


1745 Peachtree St NE Suite F, Studio 102 Atlanta GA 30309

Free Parking

Open lot and underground parking adjacent to the entrance,

you can't miss it.

TEXT:  678•439•6027
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